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What we stand for

Traditional wine experience

Wine grows with nature. The soil, the climate, in particular the alternating factors of a vegetation period like sunshine and rainfall shape each vintage in a different way. It takes lots of experience, knowledge, intuition and gentle modern technology to bring this natural occurrence into a glass.

For over 200 years, the Höllerer Winery has been working to offer exactly this to our customers: Making nature delightfully tangible and alive through its wines.


Our wines


The Kamptal is a typical white wine region and so we grow white grapes on about three-fourths of our wineyards. The most important variety for us is the “Grüner Veltliner”.


For red wine enthusiasts we offer a fresh Rosé, aromatic red wines, which go great with food or full-bodied, strong Red wines.


You can also enjoy the exciting aromas of the Kamptal region in a sparkling manner.

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